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It is natural to feel anxious before coming to a session and I will do my best to make sure you (and your family) feel safe and relaxed. In the first session, I try and get to know you and explore what you are struggling with. We do not have to talk about anything you do not feel comfortable with and I will listen to what you tell me without judgement. By the end of the session, we will come to an agreement about whether we continue to work together, or whether another agency may be more appropriate to work with you.

In future sessions, we will start to think about what experiences have influenced the way you feel and whether your current coping mechanisms are contributing to the difficulties you face. We will then work together to explore new coping strategies, which we may try out in sessions, if you feel comfortable doing so, and you will be encouraged to practise outside sessions. I would encourage you to let me know your thoughts and feelings during sessions, to make sure you get the most out of it.


Sessions last 50 minutes and we will meet weekly or fortnightly at a similar time. Therapy can take time and may last a number of sessions. We will review things every few sessions, to make sure we are continuing to work towards your goals.


The information that you share is private and confidential, which means I will not tell anyone what we talk about unless I gain your consent to do so. As I have a duty of care to my clients, I may need to break confidentiality if I believe someone is at risk of harm, however I would always discuss this with you first. This is rare, but would include me sharing only the necessary information with the service that would help to keep that person safe (social work, police or next of kin).

I will make notes during our sessions and these will be stored in locked cabinets or on password protected computers, in line with professional guidelines. I use Gmail for my general communication with clients, which offers a level of security, however any very sensitive information will be sent via Egress, which is highly secure. Notes are stored for 7 years in line with guidelines, however any emails will be deleted following work (or after 7 days of an initial enquiry). 

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